»Gibt es eine bessere Duett-Kombi als Andreas Reihse und Kiki Moorse?«
(Christoph Benkeser, Groove June 2021)

BadFrench is the band of Kiki Moorse and Andreas Reihse.
Among their releases are an eponymous album on cassette tape on the Wanda imprint (2021), the digital EP My Parisian Friend with remixes by Jason Forrest and Toffeetronic, a contribution to female:pressure dvd1 (both 2008), and —most recently in 2024— the digital two track single French Sleaze / Paroles (French Sleaze) featuring Servullo on guest vocals.

A curious chary step into the music of our European neighbours, humblement. Avec les hublots krautrock et la sensibilité du pop, complètement. Voyons! Allez allez!!

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